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Solar Configurator Tool

Numerous solutions to complete your project.

Are you planning your next photovoltaic system? Use our configurator to discover the components for your planned PV system. See at a glance which products from our portfolio go together.  

How to use it? Simple!  

  1. Select an inverter. 
  2. You will see all the compatible accessories available to that product and their features.  

Residential solar projects 

The demand for electricity has never been higher than before. As such, costs hike up too. Because of that, a lot of people, especially homeowners, are looking for alternative sources of energy.  

With our Solar Configurator Tool, you can select the inverter that suits better to your projects needs, and the compatible accessories with it.  

C&I solar projects  

Innovative companies around the world are seeking ways to respond to the challenge of being part of the global energy transition. 

On our C&I Configurator Tool, you will also find the right solution for commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems here. We have many solutions to adapt to your project’s requirements.